The past ~15 years has seen an exponential rise in the popularity of drinking games.  With it there has been an increase in risky drinking behaviour since 2003 (Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse).  Stats Canada has indicated that the tendency to drink in a risky behaviour is highest in young males.   Beer Pong has been by far the most popular drinking game.   So popular that it has evolved into competitive tournaments and leagues within some provinces in Canada and globally that completely eliminate consumption that is associated with the game.  These games are all absent alcohol and held in licensed bars which has eliminated the possibility for risky drinking while still providing a socializing competitive experience for the young male players.

We are currently seeing in Canada and the USA how regulatory bodies are adapting to provide safe solutions to the ever growing Pong community.  Pong Alberta is on the forefront facilitating discussions with the AGLC to create regulations around the management of our events in licensed venues.

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