If you love beer you’ll love to go to as many of these must see beer festivals in the world.

Zythos Bierfestival – Leuven, Belgium

Belgium Beer Festival

Ah Belgium.  One of the best brewing countries in the world and over 500 beers on tap at this festival a beer connoisseur’s heaven.

Great Canadian Beer Festival – Victoria B.C.

Great Canadian Beer Festival

End of the summer in B.C. has a gathering of over 40 brewers.  What better way to spend a weekend.

Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival – Maitland, Australia

Ausie Beer Festival

I was once told that the continent was used as a jail, seems fitting that they hold a beer festival in one.  We know the Aussies like to drink so this is a must hit.  AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!

Great World Beer Festival – New York City, USA

Great World Beer Festival

In one of the biggest cities in the world and over 100 microbreweries, this is a huge hit.  Keep tuned on the 2016 date from Brewtopia.

Mondial De La Biere – Montreal, Quebec

Mondial De La Biere

If you’ve ever been to Montreal you know how much fun that city is.  Now just imagine a beer festival on top of a wild weekend in Montreal.

Qingdao International Beer Festival – Qingdao, China

Qingdao International Beer Festival

For all you Canadian’s that are teaching English overseas this is a great place to have some beer, sing karaoke, and play games.

Brussels Beer Weekend – Brussels, Belgium
Brussels Beer Weekend

In September this festival is an absolutely amazing one.  Put on by Belgium brewers and the KNIGHTHOOD OF THE BREWERS MASH.  How cool is that.

Great British Beer Festival – London, England
Great British Beer Festival

Known as the biggest pub in the world, its estimated that every second 2 pints are sold.  Of course you can’t forget about the adorable English accents all the girls have. Cheers!

Octoberfest – Munich, Germany


The be all and end all.  The biggest (5 million people), longest and best beer festival in the world, this should be your top priority.  PROST!