Ah the holiday season.  Such a beautifully agonizing time for a man.  I do not know about others but I can not bear the thought of spending time in a mall, much less spending time in a mall during the holiday season.  It’s more painful than cannon-balling onto a frozen pond.

Here are 3 great gift ideas to give yo mamma this holiday season.


1. Custom Iphone Case (Vistaprint about $30)

 A picture of yourself with some manly objects, fire, axe, meat, mustache etc.  You wouldn’t believe how much my mother loved showing this gift off to her friends!

mom's xmas gift

2. Water Bottle Infuser (Define Bottle ~$20)

For that yogi or health obsessed mother this bottle is a great gift that she will love because all of her friends at the spin studio will want to know where she got it from.

water bottle


3. Pandora Bracelet / Charms ($20-$140)

The gift that keeps on giving, if you haven’t got your mother a pandora bracelet you need to.  My dad, brother and I got my lovely mother one of these.  The pros are that she loves the bracelet and the accessories that come with it.  YOU love the ease of being able to just go to one store for the next 10 special occasions.  All you need to do is pick up a new charm or two.


4. *Bonus* Something Special and Personal

That is where I came up with the idea for the iphone case.  If you can’t think of something special or personal that is for your mom’s hobbies then get creative! Get thinking and give her something ridiculous and fun because that is what she will show her friends, and if you can make her friends laugh then you’ll make her laugh.  And hey that’s the whole point of life right? Got to have fun and laugh.